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Dragonfly Nakai

Prowess Grounding Bath

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Prowess Grounding Bath

Sometimes life requires distinguished bravery. When life calls for courage, it is important to prepare your spirit. These grounding baths were created with intention and precise ingredients to ensure you balance your energy in preparation.

Add a lot, or a little. Whatever feels right. To a bath in the temperature of your choosing. While you soak, breathe with intention.

For the first few minutes, close your eyes, breathing slowly and fully. Envision releasing everything that holds you back from your goal.

Then, breathe slowly and deeply, pulling inward the properties needed. Envision strands of power coming into you. From the herbs, flowers, water, Earth. Take as long as you need and trust the Earth, and your higher self to provide you the tools you need for success. 

Next just relax.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Black Lava Salt, Calendula Flowers, Lotus Seeds, Butterfly Pea, Lavender Petals, Miniflora Rose