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Dragonfly Nakai

7 Card Spread Tarot Reading

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This reading includes seven cards pulled from the Fountain Deck, telling us 1. What you need to hear right now, 2. What you are being drawn to, 3. What is harming you currently, 4. What your next step should be and 5. A potential outcome for your current situation! This Fountain deck is designed to help you connect with your own intuition, your spirit and spirit guides etc. 

Please send an email after purchase with the information requested and images.

 With each purchase I will send an email message to you (depending on your preference) containing a description of each card and how they work together, alongside pictures of the reading so you can see the cards too!  Reading Tarot cards I have found it has given me the most helpful advice when I have been stuck or unsure. ♥

**Please note! The more info you provide upon purchasing, the better the reading. The cards can be interpreted in several different ways and I'm able to go much more in depth with these meanings if more info about yourself and your question is provided :) ♥

Please feel free to leave a description of something you are currently going through that you would like insight into!