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Dragonfly Nakai

RETURN TO CENTER - 8 Week Immersion Program

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Return to Center

8 week INTENSIVE Program
1:1 LIVE Guidance
3 days a week

You've been feeling it for a while now... Something scratching below the surface. You aren't sure what it is but you just KNOW that something HUGE is on the horizon. There is a reason you are here reading these words. Truth can be denied but it is always felt. 

If you are ready to take a deep dive into yourself to expand your life... to


Then this investment will have life long benefits. There is a life out there waiting for you to quit holding back. For you to throw your fears and insecurities and give a F**** right out the window. The MINUTE that you start putting you first is the minute you will taste success. And that is just the beginning. 

I want to caution you though. This is not for the faint of heart. We will examine it all INTUITIVELY to discover what is ready to come to the surface to be lovingly examined and grown from. Together we will plant seeds within you for lifelong growth. Others that you have already planted within will bloom and you will emerge changed.