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Dragonfly Nakai

UNBOUND - 1:1 Single Session with Included Reading

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Formless & Fearless Single Session
The Formless & Fearless program is NOT life coaching. It is an infusion of spiritual coaching and internal healing. This is the true path to abundance. To joy. To acceptance.
If you are not living your DREAM life it is because you are out of alignment. To recenter and revitalize you need to go with in. You carry the medicine. You do the healing. I just guide you back to you. 
I BELIEVE that the life that is waiting for you is WILDER than your WILDEST DREAMS!
I know that you are here to CHANGE THE WORLD! To do this you must first tend you.
If you are ready to quit tiptoeing through life and want to UNLEASH your true potential...
Then it's time to invest in you.
This is for a single 90 minute session
1:1 Live via zoom with an included 7 card reading