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Dragonfly Nakai

Empath Rx - Grounding Bath

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Empath Rx Grounding Bath 

An empath’s environment is like “emotional satellite radio” with hundreds of channels. These information-processing demands can catapult your nervous system into overdrive. This reinforces anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

Empaths pick up on other’s emotions and even their direct inner experience so rapidly that it’s hard to indentify what’s happened. As a result, a large part of your anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and immune issues can belong not to you, but to someone else. And, just like your nervous system and physical body, your emotional body and immune system struggle with boundaries.

Grounding Rituals are CRITICAL for the health and well-being of an Empath. 

Water is cleansing. It cleans our bodies, but it can also clear our energy. Submerging in a body of water can clean up our vibration of stuck negative energy and restores you to a state of balance.   For an Empath, this is so important because that negative energy can be so draining and potentially cause health issues (physical and emotional).

This grounding bath was created by hand with intention and the precise ingredients needed to return you to…you. 

Add a lot, or a little. Whatever feels right. To a bath in the temperature of your choosing. While you soak, breathe with intention.

For the first few minutes, close your eyes, breathing slowly and fully. Envision releasing everything that you have absorbed, all the negativity and collective pain.

Then, breathe slowly and deeply, pulling inward the properties needed. Envision strands of power coming into you. From the herbs, flowers, water, Earth. Take as long as you need and trust the Earth, and your higher release the bondage and to return you to a state of alignment.

Next just relax.


Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Dried Honeysuckle, Dried Peony, Cinnamon, Clove, Dried White Sage, Chrysanthemum, Essential Oils, Rose Quartz