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Dragonfly Nakai

Shakti Soak - Spiritual Bath Salts

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Shakti Soak

Channel Divine Cosmic Energy

Manifest Destiny

On every plane of creation, energy manifests itself into all forms of matter; these are all thought to be infinite forms of Para Shakti.

Shakti (Devanagari: शक्ति, IAST: Śakti; lit. "Energy, ability, strength, effort, power, capability"[1]) is the primordial cosmic energy, and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the universe.[2] This energy is thought of as creative, sustaining, as well as destructive, and is sometimes referred to as auspicious source energy.

For those connected to the source (and disconnected from the matrix) the ability to access this energy and manifest destiny is a crucial skillset.

This spititual bath was created by hand with intention and the precise ingredients needed to assist you channeling Shakti Energy

Add a lot, or a little. Whatever feels right. To a bath in the temperature of your choosing. While you soak, breathe with intention.

For the first few minutes, close your eyes, breathing slowly and fully. Envision releasing everything that holds you back from Higher Self. Everything that is yours is coming to you.

Then, breathe slowly and deeply, pulling inward the properties needed. Envision strands of power coming into you. From the herbs, flowers, water, Earth. Take as long as you need and trust the Earth, and your higher self.

Strengthen the bond between you and the you you are becoming.

Next Trust, Surrender, & Relax.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Hawaiian Lava Salt, 2 pinch osmanthus (e.Asian Devilwood),Dried Lemongrass, Dried Violet, Phnom Rosebuds, Essential Oils, Cinnamon, Red Jasper, Quartz